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Below are a few representative projects:
PROJECT 1: FEMA 5-year Roadmaps

In 2011 Telemeister was hired to provide the technical analysis necessary to assess FEMA's contact center architecture and develop a 5-yr technology road-map.  FEMA must have liked the work because they invited us back in 2014 to write the telecommunications road-map for the rest of the organization.  The initial project resulted in a 100+ page document; the second phase produced a 200 page analysis document.

PROJECT 2: Vonage Contact Center Analysis

Telemeister was subcontracted by EMC to perform an analysis and assessment of the Vonage contact center operation technology platform. Partnering with EMC resources, Telemeister provided the expertise in telecommunications gear required to thoroughly review the operation.  The output of the analysis was a powerpoint document delivered to CxO executives within Vonage.

PROJECT 3: Expert Report - Katz Case
(RAKTL)  No. 2:07-ml-01816, 07-cv-06996-RGK-FFM (C.D. Cal.) 

Telemeister was contracted to provide expert witness support in the largest-ever telecommunications intellectual property case in U.S. history. This project involved two phases and two law firms (Heller Erman, and Covington Burling). In the course of this project we wrote two expert reports and provided two rebuttal reports to opposing expert testimony. We were also deposed in both phases, though neither phase went to trial (defendants settled in both cases).

PROJECT 4: CA DMV (largest DMV in th the world)

Telemeister was contracted to help CA DMV select a new telecom platform for its operation supporting 8,000 personnel. We conducted requirements gathering and prioritization sessions, compiling a light RFP process to assess available vendor solutions.  The team then scored the responses using tools developed by Telemeister to find the best fit for the agency. 

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